Monday, May 5, 2014

Baking Kit Kat Pudding with a Microwave Oven

Hello everyone!

I'm gonna make my first food review! I'm going to talk about this cute little chocolate bar that we all love called Kit Kat. So last Monday, I went to a shop selling Japanese snacks at Bugis Street (first floor). I was about to buy some Green Tea Kit Kat for my friend when I saw this. I ask the lady in the shop about it and she told me that it is pudding flavoured Kit Kat. WHUT? This is actually a new flavour made by Kit Kat Japan. I've tried the Green Tea flavoured (totally love it) and I know there are a lot of flavours created by Kit Kat Japan (haven't get the chance to try them yet). But this one, I gotta tell you, it sounds so cool when I heard from the lady that it can be baked. A freakin' baked chocolate bar.

Sooooo, the whole packaging is shouting to me that it is made by Kit Kat Japan.. I can't read Japanese :(

13 small packages inside

since I can't read Japanese, I assumed the checkered box is for writing some sweet messages in case you want to give this chocolate bar to a someone special? (aawww)

Since I can't read what is written on the packaging regarding the instructions on how to bake the chocolate bar, I ask the lady about it. Hey, she said that I have to look it up on the internet. Later I found the video in YouTube uploaded by Kit Kat official YouTube account on how to bake it. 
Here's the link to the video:

So, if you watched the video, the chef said to bake it with an oven. BUT, I only have a microwave oven at my home and I thought 'Let's do some experiment'. This is when all started.

Instead of a baking tray, I used a china plate. Also, I did not put on some aluminium foil because I don't want my microwave oven to explode.

I only put two packages of Kit Kat Pudding. I can actually put more but I don't want them to stick to each other when they are melting.

The chef in the video did not stated on the temperature of the oven to bake it, he only stated '2 minutes and no preheating needed'. So, I put it on medium temperature for 2 minutes. But, after 2 minutes, they only looked like some melted chocolate bars so I add another 1 minute to it. Not even the timer 'ding!' on 1 minute time, I saw some smoke from one of the chocolate bar. I immediately took it out the microwave oven.

AND HERE IT IS, my masterpiece. That is the part where I saw some smoke. Completely burnt, guys. :(

OH GOD, it looks so pathetic. The burnt part looks awful and the other part are not even turned beautiful golden-brown colour like in the video. Sad.

My experiment is completely failed. Just follow the chef guys, just buy the damn kawai red oven and bake the Kit Kat there. Oh, I saw a comment made by the Kit Kat account; they remind us not to try baking other flavours of Kit Kat because they make specially for the baked Kit Kat. (Just try them! Who knows what's going to happen, huh? #badass)

Well, I tried it too without 'baking' it. It actually taste really good on its own. The vanilla and milk scent is really strong when you open the package. The taste is really sweet and creamy, I felt full after my second package. I prefer the Green Tea flavoured though, they are not as sweet as this one aaaand beacuse I love green tea. #bias

Anyway, that's it guys for the review. This flavour is a must try! Really, it taste awesome! (well, all of the Kit Kat family taste good actually. hahaha) Google if you like this post and you don't want other people to experience the same disaster like me and comments or put reactions. Thanks, see ya :)

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  1. Microwave ovens have the ability to cook things way faster than a traditional normal oven or toaster oven, so obviously 2 minutes is way too long. He was saying to put them in for 2 minutes using a regular oven. The reason why microwaves are sooo popular is because they work way faster due to the microwave radiation. Common sense! I would try again, but put them in for 20 seconds and watch them through the window. You are supposed to take them out as soon as you SEE them start browning. That's what a man at a Japanese store that I recently went to said, watch them.

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