Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review on Maybelline Instant Pink Transformer

Hello everyone!

So I supposed to make this post yesterday but I was procrastinating my life so.. Anyway! Today I'm going to make a review on Maybelline Instant Pink Transformer. The pink coloured tube looks really cute and hey pink stuffs attract me so.. of course I bought it haha.

So first of all, I've already saw it few times when I go to Watson but I bought this from 'Fair Price Finnest' in Bukit Timah Plaza for SGD19.00 (or perhaps, SGD19.90? Forgive my fish memory guys). Oh, this cute pink tube contains 30g of the cream. I've been using and tried some Maybelline products (mascara, pressed powder, etc) so I thought, 'why not?'. The product said that is contains vitamin C and cherry extracts to brighten the skin with pinkish radiance. It is also good as a primer and contains SPF35 to protect our dear skin from Mr.Sun.

(before) my bare hand

I put on this much to see the result :)

This is when I blend the cream. 
I must say that the texture is not watery, slightly thick. It is also a little oily, perhaps because of the SPF. And the smell of it guys, really, I just love it. Instead of cherry, I actually smelled something more like the sakura (cherry blossom) flower. It is soft but not quickly absorbed into the skin.

(after) I blended the cream. Can you see the difference?

(zoom, zoom!) so here's a more closed up photo for you to observe the result. After I applied it on, my skin smells really good. The skin also become fairer and it gives out pinkish radiance (like what was said on the advertisement). If you look closely when you try it yourself, you can see very small glitters all over the area you applied the cream. This is perhaps the thing that helps the skin to look pinkish. It also make the skin more moist.

I found out that this range is a product created by Maybelline Asia. So, they promote that is helps to make 'aegyo sal' more visible. If you don't know what 'aegyo sal' is;

'Aegyo sal' is a trend in Korean make up. It actually refers to the thick skin under the eye formed when we smile. It is very popular, a lot of girls (even boys) went for plastic surgery to get their desired aegyo sal. It makes the face looks younger and more cute.

Okay, I want to see how it works in enhancing the aegyo sal so I tried it too on my eyes.

not much of differences though :(
It is not because it is hard to see the difference from the photo but I really did not see much difference when I applied it. *Simon Cowell's voice* So, it is a NO from me.

I also wanted to see when I applied to the whole face. Instead of using it as a primer, I tried to mix it with my BB cream.

I should have put more of the pink cream *sigh*

BUT! despite the small amount of the pink cream, I could see the difference. Usually my face still looks somehow dull after I applied my BB cream. After I mix the pink cream with my BB cream, my face actually looks healthier, brighter, and a bit pinkish. LOVE IT!

So, that's it for my review on Maybelline Instant Pink Transformer. I recommend this product for people with more to fair skin rather than tan skin.They are a little bit bias, I know. It did not cause any irritation on my face, quite safe. Leave comments about what you think of the product and Google+ it if you like my review. Thank you!

with love,

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